Pulsar Card ELITE – Location Tracking, NFC Contact Sharing, Smart Card (works with Apple Find My – iPhone)


Limited Time Offer – 50% off

About this item

– Ultra-Slim Design: A mere 1.9mm thickness for sleek and stylish portability.
– GPS Tracking: Locate your wallet and belongings effortlessly.
– NFC Contact Sharing: Instantly share your contact details with a simple touch.
– Ring Your Pulsar Card: Unique music feature to find misplaced items swiftly.
– Slim and Portable: Designed for convenience, just like a credit card.
– In-Built Battery: Impressive two-year lifespan for enduring reliability.
– Water Resistant & Durable: Crafted with tempered glass for style and durability.


Limited Time Offer – 50% off

Unlock a world of possibilities with Pulsar Card ELITE! 🌐✨ Track your essentials, share contacts effortlessly, and embrace smart connectivity. Elevate your style with innovation in the palm of your hand!


Navigate the world of style and convenience with Pulsar Card ELITE! 🌎✨ Its global location tracking ensures you’re always connected to your essentials. Elevate your experience with smart, global sophistication! πŸ’ΌπŸ“



Sharing your info has never been this easy and stylish! 🀝✨ Pulsar Card ELITE’s NFC contact sharing makes connections seamless. Elevate your networking with a touch of sophistication! πŸ’ΌπŸ“±


Elegant design, durability that makes a lasting, sophisticated impression.


Pulsar Card ELITE 2 years in built battery

Pulsar Card ELITE - Ultra Slim Smart Card

Pulsar Card ELITE - Locate your misplaced item with music

2 years battery life

Reliable, enduring power for uninterrupted smart experiences over two years.

Slim & Portable

Ultra-slim at 1.9mm, as portable as a credit card, style with convenience.

Ring Music

Locate your misplaced item with music using the Ringing option.


Dimension 85.6 mm x 54 mm x 1.9 mm
In-built Battery 540 mAh
Ring Alert 105 dB
Material Tempered Glass
Water resistance Splash proof (IPX5 standard)
Worldwide Tracking using Apple’s Find My network
NFC Contact Sharing works with NFC-enabled smartphone
Supported App Apple Find My
Ultra-thin 1.9mm thickness







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