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Pulsar Card ELITE – Location Tracking, NFC Contact Sharing, Smart Card


Elevate your networking and personal style with Pulsar Card ELITE, the epitome of smart sophistication. This sleek and ultra-slim smart card not only tracks your wallet’s location and shares contact details effortlessly via NFC but also boasts a unique music feature to locate misplaced items. With a durable, water-resistant design crafted from tempered glass and a remarkable two-year battery life, Pulsar Card ELITE is your reliable and stylish companion for modern living. Upgrade your connectivity and make a statement with this pocket-friendly marvel. Elevate connections, redefine convenience – choose Pulsar Card ELITE today.


Pulsar Card ELITE: Elevate Your Connectivity Experience

Ultra-Slim Design:
A mere 1.9mm thickness for sleek and stylish portability.

GPS Tracking:
Locate your wallet and belongings effortlessly.

NFC Contact Sharing:
Instantly share your contact details with a simple touch.

Ring Your Pulsar Card:
Unique music feature to find misplaced items swiftly.

Slim and Portable:
Designed for convenience, just like a credit card.

In-Built Battery:
Impressive two-year lifespan for enduring reliability.

Water Resistant & Durable:
Crafted with tempered glass for style and durability.

Pulsar Card ELITE is not just a card; it’s a smart statement that combines innovation with sophistication. Elevate your lifestyle and connections – choose Pulsar Card ELITE today.


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